Is It Ever Okay To Waive A Home Inspection?

The booming real estate market of the last couple of years has resulted in some frustrating scenarios, such as bidding wars among prospective home buyers. Those searching for homes have been forced to act quickly when new listings come on the market, and many still end up losing out on the sale. GreenLInk Home Inspections has seen the strong demand for the purchase of houses, and how the subsequent competition for new homes motivates buyers to forego home inspections in order to quickly close the deal. Let’s talk about why it’s never a good idea to waive a home inspection, and what risks you are taking if you do skip the inspection.

Make sure your home is safe from carbon monoxide with an inspection

Are Inspections Really Necessary in This Housing Market?

In the frenzy of all the other house hunters out there, you might be tempted to skip the home inspection to be able to quickly secure the purchase of a home. Since 2004, GreenLInk Home Inspections has inspected and assessed over 5,000 houses. We always recommend getting a high-quality inspection, because we have come across countless issues in our almost 20 years of experience. We will give you a detailed report within 24-36 hours of your inspection that will give you the information you need to make a wise choice, even if that means walking away from the sale.

What Are You Risking if You Choose to Skip the Inspection?

With everything that we assess, you could be risking a lot if you don’t have your potential new home inspected. Some of the most important and costly issues noted at home inspections are structural issues, like foundation and framing concerns. There are other serious and even dangerous issues you could miss without a proper inspection, such as termites, radon, and possible carbon monoxide poisoning. The photo above from one of our recent home inspections shows carbon monoxide venting into the home.

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GreenLInk not only inspects and teaches others how to inspect homes, but we are also professional engineers with over 25 years of engineering experience. We don’t want you to risk purchasing a home that could turn out to be worth far less than you paid, or even pose a danger to your family. Contact us at (516) 774-4565 for more information or to request a quote. We proudly serve Long Island residents in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Seaford, Merrick, Massapequa, and beyond.