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GreenLInk Home Inspections is proud to be locally owned and operated on Long Island. If you have questions, check to see if they’re covered below. When you’re ready, contact us at (516) 774-4565 for more information or to request a quote.

We perform inspections on Residential and Commercial properties for existing properties and new construction. While some factors may vary, here is what you can generally expect from an inspection:

  • Exterior. A thorough inspection of the Exterior including the roof, siding, windows, grounds, chimneys, driveways, decks, heating/cooling equipment, foundation, bulkheads, pools, and more.
  • Interior. A thorough inspection of the Interior which includes: Electrical system and components – Main Panel, Subpanels; Heating and Cooling equipment; Plumbing including Bathrooms and Kitchens; Structural components such as the foundation and framing systems; Windows and Doors; All accessible areas including the Basement, Attic and Crawl Space.
    Flood Zone inspections may also include fire sprinkler systems, review of Elevation Certificates and special structural elements unique to flood zone construction. John Weiburg is extremely well versed in these areas as his Engineering company, GreenTauk Engineering, routinely designs new houses and house elevation projects in the flood zone.
  • Specialty. Additional services available include Elevation Certificates, Windstorm Certifications, Pool and Spa Inspections, Bulkhead Inspections and Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments.

We are experts in flood zones for several reasons. GreenLInk Home Inspections and GreenTauk Engineering are both located on the south shore of Nassau County and have personal experience with numerous families who were affected by Super Storm Sandy in October 2012. As an ASHI Certified Inspector and Professional Engineer, John was and still is involved in assisting families in elevating their houses to minimize their exposure in the flood zone.

John is sought after and recommended by many contractors, homeowners and real estate agents as an excellent referral for all matters in flood zones – whether it is Elevation Certificates, bulkheads or foundation design and structural issues. Elevated houses typically require residential fire sprinkler systems which John designs, supervises construction and signs off for many local municipalities. John was extremely involved in the New York Rising Program that funded owners to elevate their houses post-Sandy.

Some municipalities require Sandy Repair Permits for houses located in flood zones. This process can take several months and you should not be caught unaware as you sit down at the closing table. John can walk you through the Sandy Repair Permit process and file the appropriate paperwork and drawings for approval.

Flood zones are not as self-explanatory as one would expect. There are areas of Nassau and Suffolk Counties that are directly on the water, which are not in the flood zone, while houses north of those areas are. Areas on the north shore of both Nassau and Suffolk are also in the flood zone and are vulnerable to damage from flooding.

John has years of experience with performing Elevation Certificates and helping homeowners mitigate their cost of flood insurance. FEMA last updated the flood maps on Long Island in 2009, while Super Storm Santy occurred in late 2012. Flood maps will change upon their next iteration and may expand in some areas.

Structural issues such as foundation and framing concerns are among the most important items noted during home inspections. John is often referred by many home inspectors and real estate agents to assess potential structural concerns. As a Professional Engineer with decades of experience in this area, John is well versed in analyzing these issues and preparing reports for clients on these concerns.

John has been performing home inspections since 2004 and has been teaching home inspection classes at Molloy College since the program was established in 2006. We have inspected and assessed over 5,000 houses in that time frame. Both GreenLInk Home Inspections and GreenTauk Engineering have an excellent reputation in the real estate business. We are constantly in the field meeting with contractors and homeowners during their construction projects. This field experience combined with our design expertise has established our credibility.

As President of Long Island ASHI, John is actively involved in the home inspection community both locally and nationally and has taught classes at several National Home Inspection Conferences in Philadelphia, Orlando, New Orleans and Ottawa, Canada. As you prepare to make what is typically the most expensive purchase of one’s life, the best advice is to avoid price shopping home inspectors. Look for one with years of experience and established credibility such as John and his team at GreenLInk Home Inspections and GreenTauk Engineering.

Prospective home buyers are under extreme pressure searching for houses in today’s real estate climate. They often lose out on houses to higher offers and buyers who are opting to waive home inspections. It is highly recommended to hire a quality home inspector/professional engineer to perform a thorough home inspection and provide a detailed report.

Walk and Talk inspections are another option where the home inspector will do a quick walk through and point out some potential concerns. This process, however, does not allow for a professional evaluation of the house. We have performed numerous home inspections where extensive structural damage was discovered only upon a detailed inspection of the crawl space. Once again, it is strongly recommended to hire an experienced home inspector/professional engineer such as John to protect yourself and your family.

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