Seller Pre-Listing Inspections

Most of the time, property buyers initiate the inspection process. However, sellers can profit with pre-purchase inspections prior to listing their home. If you’re a seller interested in a pre-listing inspection, call GreenLInk Home Inspections at (516) 774-4565 for more information and to request a quote. We serve Long Island and the surrounding areas.

Enjoy More Control Over Improvements and Repairs

When you initiate a pre-purchase home inspection on Long Island, you get to exercise more control in decision making when it comes to correcting problems. Address all the issues proactively and avoid obstacles to closing down the road.

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Leverage Pre-Listing Inspections in Your Marketing

Highlight your inspection results in your seller marketing. Build potential buyer confidence in the integrity of the property and its equipment and systems. Things like plumbing, electrical, flood damage, termite evidence, environmental issues, windows, and doors are all common issues arising from inspections. When you take the initiative to get an inspection prior to listing the property, you can clearly indicate that all these items have been fixed or are operational.

Improve Your Chance To Close Faster

Save even more time by proactively repairing flood damage. Many people don’t realize towns require permits to prove flood remediation and these repairs take money and time. Don’t go to the closing table unaware, and don’t add months to the process because you didn’t know. A pre-listing inspection with GreenLInk prevents that entire situation.

Providing Expert Pre-Listing Inspections Since 2004

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Why GreenLInk is Better

  • We don’t just identify structural integrity issues — we know how to address them
  • We have working relationships with government agencies, builders, and others in the industry, which allows us to expedite your process and get the job done
  • We understand permits, zoning, and other regulatory requirements, especially those impacting commercial property and new construction
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A pre-listing home inspection on Long Island can be a wise option for a seller. An inspection with GreenLInk is an even better option. Find out why Nassau County, Suffolk County, Seaford, and the south shore choose us. Contact us at (516) 774-4565 for more information and to request a quote.

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