Three Good Reasons to Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

Almost every home buyer will require an inspection before they purchase their new home, but it can pay off for the seller to be proactive about getting their own inspection first. GreenLInk Home Inspections can help sellers profit with a pre-purchase inspection prior to listing their home. Let’s take a look at three reasons why you should consider a pre-listing inspection before placing your home on the market.

Pre-listing inspection

1. You’re in Charge of the Repair Timeframe This Time

When a home is inspected during a real estate transaction, then the seller has a much shorter timeframe to complete the necessary repairs. The seller is in reactive mode and must compete against the clock to keep the sale. With a pre-listing inspection from the home inspectors at GreenLInk, a seller can get ahead of any repairs that need to be completed, and do them when they can. A buyer is less likely to back out after their own inspection because there won’t be much, if anything, that needs to be repaired.

2. Increase the Value and Selling Price of Your Home

Any repairs and improvements that are completed will only serve to increase the value of your home. And since you aren’t rushing to get things accomplished before the potential buyer grows impatient and decides to move on, then you can take your time with any updates made to your home. This will also help a realtor to price your home more accurately since they will know the exact condition of your home. Accordingly, buyers won’t be able to use a poor inspection report to negotiate a lower price on your home.

3. Attract Serious Buyers and Gain Their Trust

Any home that is advertised with a pre-listing inspection will entice more potential buyers because they won’t fear that the seller is trying to hide anything. These sellers can gain trust from potential buyers as well as real estate agents. It is also possible that the buyer will decide to forego having their own inspection, which will move the whole process along quicker.

Schedule Your Pre Listing Inspection

Pre-listing inspections make a lot of sense and will inspire confidence in your home. This might be just what you need for a successful home sale. Contact us at (516) 774-4565 for more information and to request a quote. We serve Long Island and the surrounding areas.