Commercial Foundations: What Could Be Found in an Inspection?

If you are investing in a commercial property, you will need a thorough inspection by a qualified inspector. Among all the property’s elements that require an evaluation, they must ensure that the building is structurally sound. At GreenLInk Home Inspections, we have the expertise to identify any issues with the structural integrity of your commercial property and can even address them with our engineering services. Let’s explore some potential problems that may be uncovered with your building’s foundation at a commercial property inspection

Commercial Property Inspection

Building Settlement and Subsidence

Settlement is the compression of soil under the foundation due to the weight of the building, causing the building to sink unevenly. Subsidence occurs when an area of the ground itself gradually sinks. If either of these circumstances has occurred, it could result in cracks in the foundation and walls, sloping floors, and general structural instability. 

Soil Erosion Around Foundation 

If the commercial building lacks sufficient drainage, soil erosion around the foundation could occur over time. This will weaken the foundation, putting the whole building at risk. If the inspector observes any cracks in the walls or walls that are leaning, they will look closer at the foundation to inspect for possible movement.

Moisture Intrusion in the Building

Excess moisture could result from plumbing leaks, poor drainage, or clogged gutters. Whatever the cause of moisture around a building’s foundation, it could lead to the deterioration of materials. Eventually, this will weaken the foundation or even cause it to crack. This is just one of many potential issues caused by water damage.

Schedule Your Commercial Inspection 

You can trust GreenLInk Home Inspections to thoroughly assess your commercial property and find any existing issues with the foundation. We will help protect your interests with an inspection and certain regulatory requirements. Contact us today at (516) 774-4565 to schedule your commercial inspection or to request a quote. We serve homeowners and business owners in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Seaford, Massapequa, and Merrick.