Identifying Foundation Problems During a Home Inspection

There are certain issues that you don’t want to see on the home inspection report, whether you are the seller or the prospective buyer, and topping that list would be foundation problems. That’s because the foundation is one of the most critical components of a home evaluated during an inspection and can end up being a deal breaker in the real estate transaction if there are any issues. After all, a stable foundation is the cornerstone of a habitable home. Join GreenLInk Home Inspections in taking a closer look at identifying foundation problems during a home inspection, as we will share some signs that you may have problems with the foundation of your own home.

A home inspection can identify foundation damage

Identifying Foundation Problems at the Inspection 

Foundation problems are structural issues that are among the most important items noted during the home inspection. Not only are they costly to repair, but they require someone with the right skills to identify and analyze them in the first place. This is why it’s important to trust only a certified, experienced home inspector and not just rely on the low-cost, inexperienced option. With over 25 years of professional engineering experience, GreenLInk Home Inspections is often referred by other home inspectors and real estate agents to assess potential structural concerns like the foundation. 

The Signs You Have a Foundation Problem

While cracks on the interior or exterior of a home can signify a problem, cracks in walls and ceilings, in the exterior brick, or the exterior concrete around the house are especially concerning. If you observe that your windows and doors are sticking or there are gaps around them that weren’t there before, your foundation may have shifted. Uneven or sloping floors, bowing walls, and a sagging roofline indicate potential foundation problems and need further evaluation.

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