3 Questions Commonly Asked About Home Inspections

Whether you’ve already been through a home inspection or your very first home inspection is coming up, you might have questions about the process. GreenLInk Home Inspections understands that homeowners may not know the importance of having a home inspection in the first place. We have been inspecting homes on Long Island for almost 20 years, and spend time educating others on inspection procedures. Here are three questions commonly asked about home inspections. 

Home inspection services

1. What’s Involved in an Inspection?

GreenLInk Home Inspections offers home buyer inspections as well as seller pre-listing inspections. Some factors will vary but you can generally expect a thorough examination of the exterior including the roof, siding, windows, grounds, chimneys, driveways, decks, foundation, pools, and more. Then, there will be an examination of the interior which will include the electrical system, heating and cooling equipment, plumbing in bathrooms and kitchens, structural components, windows and doors, basement, attic, crawl space, and some other components. Flood zone inspections will include additional assessments, such as fire sprinkler systems and special structural elements unique to flood zone construction. 

2. What’s an Important Issue Found During Inspections?

The most important items noted during home inspections are structural issues (such as the foundation) and framing concerns. The experts at GreenLInk are often called upon by other home inspectors and real estate agents to assess potential structure concerns with their clients’ homes. We offer professional engineering services with decades of engineering experience, and can help you navigate through these issues in your home.

3. Is a “Walk and Talk” Inspection Sufficient in this Real Estate Market?

Walk and talk inspections are another option where the home inspector will do a quick walk though and point out some potential concerns. Unfortunately, this process does not allow for a professional evaluation of the house. We have performed numerous inspections where extensive structural damage was discovered only after a detailed inspection of the crawl space. Our professional inspection and engineering services will help to protect your largest investment. 

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